The Black Oil Brothers

The Recording

The Black Oil Brothers recorded a full length CD with Tony and Brian at various locations throughout Chicago.

Tracks were recorded using an Echo Audiofire 8 running into a MacBook Pro (unibody) runing Logic Studio and were mastered using T-Racks.

Tony is utilizing an MXR2003 condenser microphone and a Universal Audio 110 preamp for most of the acoustic instrumental work. A Realistic pressure zone microphone and Shure PG52 microphone have also been utilized for various percussion tracks. A Cascade Fat Head was used for most of the vocals and some guitars. A Shure Green Bullet microphone and a Smokey Amp are being used for some harmonica tracks. Effects are software-based.

Ten tracks were recorded, and the album will be released in the UK in late April, with a U.S. release slated for mid-May.

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About The Black Oil Brothers

Before the blues found its way to Chicago and redefined itself with electric guitars and drummers, bluesmen were minstrels playing juke joints in the Mississippi Delta armed only with their guitars and voices while the crowd kept the rhythm by stomping their feet in time. Born and raised in Chicago, The Black Oil Brothers aim to channel that kind of boot stompin' blues that doesn’t need a backline or distortion pedals to make it cook. Resonators played with steel slides, wailing harmonicas, 3 part harmonies and the righteous twang of acoustic guitars and mandolin strings define their music (and very well may be saving our souls at the same time). Let them save yours..

Audio Samples

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Songs best played back with Quicktime media player or iTunes media player

    1. Going For Broke (demo) (3:36) mp3, 256 kbps (variable), 44.1 kHz
    2. Wednesday Afternoon (demo) (3:47) mp3, 256 kbps (variable),44.1 kHz
    3. Love (demo (3:10) mp3, 256 kbps (variable), 44.1 kHz

Finished Songs:

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Best played back with Quicktime media player or iTunes media player

Here is an mp3 from the finished album: Love (3:10) mp3, 192 kbps, 44.1 kHz


Disc Art layout

Sound checking a 'swamp guit' (homemade cigar-box guitar). As you can see, it's a good time!