The Bandages: Unravel

The Recording

The Bandages recorded a 6-song EP with Tony in Plainfield, Oak Park, and Chicago.

Tracks were recorded using an Echo Audiofire 8 into a MacBook Pro running Logic Studio 9. Tracks were mastered by Adam Przybyla at Studio Chicago

8 tracks were used on the drums: AKG D-112 inside the bass drum, SM57's and a Q-Tom tom kit on the snare/toms, MXL 601s matched overheads, and the Cascade Fat Head ribbon microphone for the room. SM58 and MXL 2003 for vocals and some group vocals. Room and group vocals recorded with Samson CL-8 on omni setting. SM57 (close) and MXL 2003 (far) used on guitar amplifier (which was placed on the top of a closed stairwell). Bass and Piano were recorded direct in using Universal Audio Solo 110 and RNP preamps with Radial AV2 DI box. SM57 (close), AKG D-112 (under), and MXL 2003 (room) used on Djembe. Mixed in Tony's living room in Wicker Park. Production guidance provided by Jay Marino at I.V. Lab Studios

Art and design by Adam Law

About The Bandages

The Bandages are, as only four students of rock can be, a band that drives itself with simplicity and integrity through roads of strange familiarity. Tongue-in-cheek lyrics about pain and suffering meet a guitar driven melodic attack as equal sixties brit as it is seventies arena, eighties punk & nineties indie. Tony used to be in the band back when they were known as Fool's Crow and The Smythe, so there was a lot of love and fond memories that went into this recording.

Audio Samples

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    1. Vengeance (sample) (0:30) mp3, 256 kbps (variable), 44.1 kHz
    2. Urge (sample) (0:30) mp3, 256 kbps (variable),44.1 kHz


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