Bethany Saint Smith and The Black Oil Brothers

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The Recording

Bethany Saint Smith and The Black Oil Brothers (including Black Oil Family members Chad Fenoligo, Tom Manno and Cara Haley) recorded 7 songs over the weekend of March 27, 2009 at Hellhound Studio. The songs were recorded using a Cascade Fat Head for vocals, MXL 2003 and MXL 603s on guitars, and Fishman acoustic pickups through the Echo and MacBook Pro. The tracks were added to by The Black Oil Brothers, then mixed and mastered over the summer. The Black Oil Brothers will be in New York City with Bethany at the debut party to play the CD live in November 2010!

About Bethany Saint Smith

With "the instincts of an aged American Blues singer" (Susaye Green of The Supremes calls her), Bethany Saint Smith, you taste and savor every note she belts with her shadowed lyrics of an old soul. "She reminds me of the earthy Odetta of 60's Folk/rock fame, or of Nina Simone's scathingly sophisticated perceptions of life." (Susaye Green)

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Audio Samples

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    1. Hold The Knife (demo) (5:14) mp3, 256 kbps (variable), 44.1khz
    2. Stop Stomping On Me (demo) (5:53) mp3, 256 kbps (variable), 44.1khz
    3. Acres Of Roses (demo) (3:42) mp3, 256 kbps (variable), 44.1khz


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