Hot Brown

About Hot Brown

Not only a delicious regional sandwich from Louisville, Kentucky...Hot Brown is the brainchild of Jeremiah Zelaskiewicz, formerly of Fool's Crow, The Smythe, and The Sleepers. Jeremiah has built up a library of songs over the past few years that he wants to turn into an album. So he enlisted the help of his old bandmates. Kit Mackie of Fool's Crow, The Smythe, Beyond Uranus, and The Bandages is on drums and various percussion (and probably some backing vocals as the project moves on). Tony Maietta, of The Disgruntled Postmen, Tripwire, Fool's Crow, The Smythe, Beyond Uranus, The Sleepers, The Black Oil Brothers, and proprietor of Good Times Recordings is on bass with some backing vocals to come. Incidentally that last sentence was ridiculous.

We'll post more songs as the project moves forward, but these demos will help guide the development of the songs. They were recorded with a matched pair of MXL2003 large diameter condensers, and on Futureman an additional vocal track was added. However, the Cubs/Sox game came on so we sort of canned the vocals on the other song. (Gotta have a good time!)

Audio Samples

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